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  1. laconic
  2. censure
  3. obloquy
  4. fervent
  5. nebulous
  1. a syn: censure, rebuke
    ant: acclaim, praise
  2. b using few words; short; concise
  3. c to criticize sharply
  4. d hazy; vague; uncertain
  5. e eager, earnest, burning, passionate

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  1. syn: deportment
  2. to kill someone as a sacrificial victim, usually by fire
  3. extremely holy
  4. a division into two parts
  5. to ask persistently, beg, appeal, badger

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  1. bestialsavage, brutal, brutish, vile, cruel


  2. denouementan outcome; result


  3. perspicacitykeenness of judgment, preceptiveness


  4. eschewto keep away from; to avoid; to shun


  5. reconditedifficult to understand; profound