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  1. concede
  2. Diaconate
  3. remonstrate
  4. Sojourn
  5. lavish
  1. a marked by excess, abundant, liberal, prodigal ADJ
  2. b surrender or yield, something that one possesses V
  3. c to say something or plead
  4. d a temporary stay N/V
  5. e N, The office of deacon or a group of deacons

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  1. outwardly similar but not genuine, false, deceitful. ADJ
  2. raid, pillage
  3. comfort in times of grief, sadness, or disappointment; consolation or support
  4. contemptible or despicable ADJ
  5. irritably sullen in mood or manner, grumpy ADJ

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  1. celerityeager or excessive desire especially to possess something, greed, avarice. N


  2. leitmotivan often repeated phrase, word, image, or theme in a literary work N


  3. slovenlymarked by excess, abundant, liberal, prodigal ADJ


  4. extricateV, Explain, clarify, to make lucid


  5. Miento proceed along a course or route V