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  1. mudflows
  2. nuclear energy
  3. rate of weathering
  4. Aurora
  5. Efficiency
  1. a energy stored in atomic nuclei
  2. b the rapid movement of large amounts of soil mixed with water down a slope
  3. c a colorful display of light in the sky
  4. d the percentage of the work input that becomes work output
  5. e dependent upon three main factors: temperature, water and type of rock

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  1. the friction force that opposes the motion of an object through a fluid
  2. an air mass composed of dry & hot air
  3. the process of particles bouncing along a stream bottom
  4. the fixed point the bar rotates around
  5. precipitation in the form of ice pellets/balls that are a minimum of 5mm in diameter

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  1. batholiththe speed and direction in which an object is moving


  2. Wedgea V-shaped object whose sides are two inclined planes sloped towards each other


  3. solar energythe ability to do work


  4. Mesosphereabove the stratosphere, starts at an altitude of 50 kilometers and extends to about 80 kilometers


  5. convergent boundarywhere tectonic plates move toward each other and collide with one plate subducting under the other