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  1. Thermophilic
  2. MCG
  3. Antibody
  4. E. coli and S. marcescens
  5. Ampicillin
  1. a 70 degrees C
  2. b thrives in heat, enzymes adapt in high temperature
  3. c broad spectrum
    semi-synthetic penicillin derivitive
  4. d globular protein
    provides immunity
    B-lymphocytes (WBC)
  5. e micrograms
    1x10 ^-6
    1 millionth of a gram

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  1. zinc powder
  2. light (H2O2)
    time (exposure)
  3. resistance, enzymes, mutations
  4. iodine, denature proteins
  5. inactivates viruses

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  1. Cytochrome C is presentcontain ssRNA
    have icosahedral capsids
    contain reverse transcriptase


  2. Thermal death pointcan survive in heat, mesophile, moderate temperature


  3. HIV symptomssimilar to influenza


  4. E. colicell wall synthesis inhibition (peptidioglycan)
    gram positive
    causes lysis by burst of cell membrance
    gram negative do not lyse


  5. Oxidase Purposeto identify bacteria containing cytochrome C