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  1. decomposition
  2. behold
  3. accolade
  4. commend
  5. nemesis
  1. a to give approval or praise
  2. b the process of rotting, breaking down, or disintegration
  3. c great praise; an award
  4. d to gaze or look upon
  5. e a source of harm or ruin; an opponent that cannot be defeated; one who inflicts retribution or vengeance

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  1. a beginner
  2. something that blocks or gets in the way; an obstacle
  3. adoration; excessive praise or flattery
  4. to consume or eat up greedily or enthusiastically
  5. to prevent from moving freely or making progress; to limit; a large basket, usually with a cover

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  1. jovialjolly; filled with good cheer


  2. atlasa false belief; faulty and illogical reasoning


  3. conveneto assemble formally; to come together officially


  4. saturninea specialized vocabulary of a profession or trade; nonsensical or meaningless conversation


  5. envisionto picture in the mind; to imagine