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  1. sentimental
  2. savage
  3. sever
  4. sly
  5. sober
  1. a adj. fierce and violent
  2. b adj. prone to or causing excessive feelings of tenderness, sadness or nostalgia
  3. c adj. having a cunning and deceitful nature
  4. d v. to cut off or divide by cutting
  5. e adj. not drunk; v. to make or become sober after drinking alcohol

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  1. adj. very solemn or serious
  2. adj. having to do with older people; n. a person who is older than someone else
  3. v. to examine closely and thoroughly
  4. adj. containing or using satire
  5. v. to try to find or obtain

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  1. scanv. to look at or glance over something quickly; n. an act of scanning


  2. secondhandadj. used by someone else before


  3. screenn. an upright partition used to divide a room, give shelter or conceal something; v. to protect from something dangerous or unpleasant


  4. slackenv. to climb to the top of something; a series of markings or divisions at regular intervals, for use in measuring; a measuring device with such markings


  5. skeletonn. an internal or external framework of bone