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  1. tsetse fly
  2. Deforestation
  3. Habitat
  4. Lake Malawi
  5. 1600-1900
  1. a Holds about 500 different fish species.
  2. b Widespread cutting of forests.
  3. c a bite from an infected ____________ can cause sleeping sickness
  4. d europe's main intrest in africa at this time was obtaining slaves
  5. e Type of environment where a particular animal species lives.

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  1. africa's largest lake
  2. The deliberate murder of a group of people because of their race or culture.
  3. name of european south africans and their language
  4. Makes it illegal for different races to mix. Most notable in South Africa.
  5. large grasslands of africa

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  1. AbolitionThe end of slavery.


  2. sierra leonebritish colony founded for former slaves


  3. Cape of Good HopeSouthern tip of the continent Africa.


  4. eriteathis country is encouraging people to return to farming


  5. kilimanjaroDutch, German, Belgian, and French settlers in South Africa.