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  1. injustice, wrong
  2. What was the Marshall Plan?
  3. What is Imperialism?
  4. Amendment 6
  5. Hume
  1. a injūria, injūriae
  2. b Rights of accused persons
  3. c Acquiring territory or gaining control over the political or economic life of other countries.
  4. d Complex ideas.
  5. e Gift of economic aid to European nations in order to prevent the spread of communism.

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  1. When national power is secondary to state power, and has only power that the states grant.
  2. An amendment that freed all slaves in all states.
  3. usque
  4. amāveram
    (āverās, āverat)
  5. Legislative Branch

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  1. List 3 impacts of Industrialization.The richest 10% controlled 90% of the wealth, there was a new class of millionares, and the myth that anyone could work hard and become rich.


  2. naturePractical philosophy - socialism.


  3. Democritusmemoria, memoriae


  4. Amendment 25Repealed prohibition


  5. dartPractical philosophy - socialism.