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  1. prolactin PRL target tissue
  2. eu/thyroid
  3. /renal
  4. thyroid stimulating hormone TSH stimulates
  5. ovarian hormones
  1. a good or normal levels of T4, T3
  2. b estrogens or estradiol, or estrone, and progesterone
  3. c thyroid gland to produce T3, T4
  4. d mammary glands
  5. e kidney

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  1. sends calcium from blood to bones; lowers blood calcium
  2. ANS
  3. produce testosterone, spermatoza, and male gametes
  4. hyperthyroidism
  5. acts on kidneys to increase water absorption

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  1. adrenal glands two parts are named?adrenal cortex; adrenal medulla


  2. pituitary gland consistis of these partsanterior lobe and posterior lobe


  3. norepinephrine=noradrenaline


  4. parathyroid gland secretes?bone and kidney (vitamin D production)


  5. PTH function is?move calcium from bones into blood