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  1. Magnanimous
  2. Nepotism
  3. Laconic
  4. Implication
  5. Pacifist
  1. a generous
  2. b One who is peaceful or opposed to the use of force
  3. c That which is hinted at or suggested
  4. d brief and to the point in speaking
  5. e Favoritism shown to relatives, especially in job appointments

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  1. notoriously bad
  2. inborn; natural
  3. (adj) talkative, wordy; fond of talking
  4. To imprison; to confine
  5. Superficial; cursory; not thorough; routine

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  1. Irreverencelack of proper respect


  2. NotorietyFavoritism shown to relatives, especially in job appointments


  3. NurtureBring up; feed; educate


  4. MeticulousA small quantity or portion


  5. Moroseinborn; natural