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  1. Stealing Thunder
  2. Autokinetic Effect
  3. Deindividuation
  4. Homophobia
  5. Group Norms
  1. a The beliefs or behaviors that a group of people accept as normal
  2. b Excessive fear of homosexuals or homosexual behavior
  3. c The loss of self awareness and of individual accountability in a group
  4. d Revealing potentially incriminating evidence first to negate its impact
  5. e Illusion, caused by very slight movements of the eye, that a stationary point in a dark room is moving

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  1. Theory that posits two routes to persuasion, via either conscious or automatic processing
  2. Proposition that adolescents and young adults are more easily persuaded than their elders
  3. Concern about how others are evaluating your performance
  4. Captures peoples attention by making a novel request, Presents the message in an unusual fashion
  5. People who belong to the same group or category as we do

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  1. ReceptivityHow much a source knows


  2. Need for CognitionA tendency to engage in and enjoy effortful thinking, analysis and mental problem solving


  3. Normative InfluenceGoing along with the crowd to be liked and accepted


  4. Group Polarization EffectThe finding that groups are more extreme and often more hostile than individuals


  5. Stereotype ThreatBeliefs that associate groups of people with certain traits