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  1. enzyme converts substrate quickly
  2. GP 120
  3. Lipid bilayer
  4. ELISA test
  5. Time for oxidase test
  1. a 10 seconds
  2. b used to detect the presence of antibodies that are directed against the specific invading virus (HIV)
  3. c Why is ELISA so sensitive?
  4. d HIV glycoprotein spike that attaches to T cells
  5. e envelope from budding

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  1. penicillin, vancomycin, ampicillin
  2. 70 degrees C
  3. to identify bacteria containing cytochrome C
  4. kills bacteria
    vegetative cells
    no spores
  5. breaks down in the prescense of catalase
    O2 and H2O
    inactivated by light

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  1. Concentrationspikes
    attach to host cell


  2. HIV symptomssimilar to influenza


  3. Choosing an antimicrobial agentwrong nucleotide
    changes codyme--> 1 amino acid protein shape is changed


  4. Immunologic response to an HIV infectionthe virus enters the body of the host
    the virus is engulfed and processed by a macrophage
    the macrophage chemically stimulates lymphocytes to launch an attack against the invading virus


  5. High mutation rateWhy are there so many immunological variants of HIV?