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  1. Jan Hus
  2. Nicaea
  3. Great Schism
  4. Pontius Pilate
  5. burgher
  1. a the Roman governor that accused Jesus of defying Roman authority
  2. b the split in the Church when you had a pope in Avignon and one in Rome.
  3. c what was the first enemy city confronted by the Crusaders
  4. d taught that the authority of the Bible was higher than that of the Pope.
  5. e a medieval merchant-class town dweller.

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  1. this battle would decide the Second Punic War in favor of the Romans.
  2. a unified body of law formed from rulings
  3. a system of farming developed in
    medieval Europe
  4. invaded England in 1066.
  5. the everyday language of people in a region or country.

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  1. Richard the Lion-Heartedinvaded England in 1066.


  2. Scutumthe device that allowed the Romans to board enemy ships


  3. AntiochThe city attacked after Edessa and was considered almost the equal to Jerusalem.


  4. Galeathe Latin word for Helmet


  5. Ottoman Turksthe group that would eventually defeat the Byzantine emperors