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  1. innovation
  2. hypocritical
  3. morsel
  4. gullible
  5. infer
  1. a easily deceived or fooled
  2. b a very small piece; a small treat
  3. c to draw a conclusion from evidence
  4. d giving a false appearance; saying one thing, but doing another
  5. e something newly introduced or created

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  1. to criticize or express disapproval
  2. pleasing to the taste or smell; appetizing; flavorful; spicy or salty, but not sweet; morallygood or satisfactory; respectable
  3. utensils used for eating; cutting instruments and tools
  4. publicly expressed honor or respect
  5. to support with evidence

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  1. Sisypheanrequiring endless effort; without result or success


  2. quibbleeasily deceived or fooled


  3. deviousmeant to trick; not straightforward; shifty; departing from the correct or accepted way; departing from the sraight or direct course; roundabout


  4. thwartto prevent from taking place; frustrate; block


  5. anathemano longer used or applicable; ancient