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  1. crucifixion
  2. apocalypse
  3. eschatology
  4. guru nanak
  5. covenant
  1. a founder of the Sikh faith in India
  2. b beliefs concerning the endings or "last things" death, heaven, hell judgement, resurrection, end of the known world
  3. c a formal agreement , treaty, or contract giving each party obligations. may bind individuals states or God. Hebrew covenants with God included Noah, abraham, moses and david, some promsiing the land of israel to the hebrews
  4. d being hung to die on a cross. an ancient roman means of execution for criminals, also used for Jesus
  5. e "revelation" a symbolic type of lit. common in Judaism, Zorastrainism, and chirstianity that foretells a dramatic end of the world, a judgmenet by God, rewards for believers and punishment for the wicked.

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  1. a visionary journey reported by Muhammed in which he flew on a small donkey from Mecca to Jersusalem, then to heaven , where he met allah
  2. called the tanakh, the whole sacred text of Judaism is divided into the torah, the prophets, and the writings
  3. a muslim religious and legal leader of the Shi'a tradition with great learning and righteousness
  4. a 4th century CE belief that Christ was a created human, not co eternal with God. Rejected by the church as heresy in the Nicene Creed phrases "begotten not made" and "of one substance with the Father"
  5. pre islamic spirits, friednly or hostile, absorbed into Islam

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  1. gurdwaragateway of the Guru- a building for Sikh worship, always contaiing AdiGranth, the first volume of Sikh scriptures. believers remove shoes, bow before the Adi granth shrine and hear teachings. Vegetarian foods and rooms are provided for wayfarers.


  2. resurrectionreturn of the body to life after death, the central tradtional phenomenon of christianity, demonstrating jesus' divnity and imoratality for believers


  3. ashkenazima mountain range in the Negeve desert out of israel


  4. baptisma religion teaching one god and the guru , beginning with Guru nanak. orginated amid hindu muslim conflict and sought to transcend their differences. Reincarnation karma and samsara are accepted, severe asceticism rejected. other relgions are not un true but may lead astray "the golden temple" at amritsar is their central temple. many live in Panjab and UK "Lion (singh) is a sikh mans middle name as is Kaur (princess) for women


  5. palestinejewish holy day with a seder meal. celebrating the Exodus of the ancient Hebrews from Egyptian slavery about 1250 BCE, led by moses.