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  1. Traduce
  2. blather
  3. subversive
  4. tremulous
  5. beleaguer
  1. a besieged, trouble, upset ADJ
  2. b to expose to shame or falsehood, to betray V
  3. c to talk in an inane manner, especially at length V
  4. d trembling, timid, fearful
  5. e that which undermines ADJ

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  1. a state of unrest or agitation N
  2. eager or excessive desire especially to possess something, greed, avarice. N
  3. to have an effect of good or ill, to result in. V
  4. calm and subdued ADJ
  5. without emotion, apathetic, unmoved, calm, serene ADJ

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  1. Congenialin agreement or harmony with something ADJ


  2. inoculatefree from injury, violation, or desecration. untouched. ADJ


  3. Cannya playful leap, frivolous activity, prank N


  4. Sojournarousing or deserving hatred or repugnance. ADJ


  5. surlyto catch sight of, discover V