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  1. Explain the bacterial growth curve and each stage
  2. What is Bergey's Manual?
  3. trace elements
  4. endospores
  5. 6. Define the importance of the scientific method with respect to the theory of spontaneous generation
  1. a A thick-walled protective spore that forms inside a bacterial cell and resists harsh conditions
  2. b elements or minerals needed in very small amounts
  3. c Spontaneous generation is a theory that claims living organisms derive from non living or decomposing matter. In order to test this theory you must go through the scientific method to test it. First have your hypothesis then conduct the experiment, record your results, and finally have a conclusion or proof of your theory.
  4. d Lag Phase, Exponential Phase, Stationary Phase, Death Phase
  5. e The published source for bacterial classification

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  1. microbiologist started to organize bacteria
  2. short, hairlike protein structures on the surface of some bacteria
  3. discovered the first antibacterial agent, a compound effective against the spirochete that causes syphilis
  4. material spread on a surface (as of a microscopic slide)
  5. the idea that living things come from nonliving things

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  1. Semmelweismaterial spread on a surface (as of a microscopic slide)


  2. 4. Name the major groups of organisms studied in microbiologyBaceterium, Fungus, Algae, Virus, Protozoan, Helminth


  3. Anton van Leeuwenhoekability to glow under ultraviolet light


  4. mesophileshort, hairlike protein structures on the surface of some bacteria


  5. microaerophileOrganism that prefers moderate temperatures (20-45C); we are the perfect temp for these organisms