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  1. impromptu
  2. cynical
  3. lurking
  4. despondent
  5. squelch
  1. a pessimistic, sarcastic
  2. b downhearted; hopeless; overwhelmed
  3. c waiting is a secret way
  4. d to silence or suppress; crush
  5. e done without preparation

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  1. superior, above all others
  2. critical, extremely important
  3. lack of interest or emotion
  4. reviewing the past; considering past events
  5. a reason to hide plans, an excuse

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  1. resilientsuperior, above all others


  2. perpetuallywithout interruption


  3. capitulatedfirm, stubborn, not easily overcome


  4. conciliatorytending to win over


  5. scoffto make fun of; mock; refuse to take seriously