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  1. Plight
  2. Fawn
  3. Impetus
  4. Unctuous
  5. Gallantry
  1. a (Noun) A dangerous situation
  2. b Verb: (of a person) give a servile display of exaggerated flattery or affection, typically in order to gain favor or advantage
  3. c noun. the force or energy with which a body moves
  4. d (Adjective) (of a person) excessively or ingratiatingly flattering; oily
  5. e (Noun) Courageous behavior, esp. in battle; polite attention or respect given by men to women

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  1. verb. having something cut off
  2. Strong and healthy
  3. Noun: a thin decorative covering of fine wood applied to a coarser wood or other material
  4. adjective. heerfulness and friendliness
  5. Marked with spots or smears of color

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  1. Affable(Adjective) friendly


  2. JowlNoun: the lower part of a person's or animal's cheek, especially when its fleshy or drooping


  3. DecrepitAdjective: (of a person) elderly and infirm; (of an object) worn out or ruined because of age or neglect


  4. Couth(Noun) A person's head


  5. Rankling(Verb) to cause annoyance or resentment that persists