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  1. monopoly
  2. Coins
  3. net loss
  4. protectionism
  5. interest-bearing account
  1. a expenses are greater than revenue
  2. b the practice of putting limits on foreign trade to protect businesses at home
  3. c a company that controls an entire industry
  4. d earns interest on the balance left in the account
  5. e a piece of metal stamped and issued by the authority of a government for use as money.

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  1. a combination of a market and command economy
  2. market economy, or private enterprise
  3. a sum paid or charged for the use of money or for borrowing money.
  4. when the value of a country's currency goes down compare to another country's
  5. money's most important function; used to facilitate transactions

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  1. Direct Distributionbuilds and sustains a market economy


  2. Occupational Safety and Health Administrationdivision of Department of Labor that sets and enforces work-related health and safety rules


  3. oligopolywhen a small number of companies control the market without actually forming a trust


  4. fixed expensesexpenses that occur regularly and must be paid regularly, such as rent and car insurance


  5. Revenuegovernment or business income