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  1. ethiopia
  2. democratic republic of the congo
  3. Abolition
  4. portugal
  5. Harmattan
  1. a Wind from the Sahara during winter months.
  2. b the country that started the anti-slavery movement
    the european country that colonized angola
    the first country to explore africa
  3. c addis ababa is the capital of this place
  4. d The end of slavery.
  5. e zaire

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  1. the most densely populated country in africa
  2. set up the slave trading posts in aftica
  3. a tropical tree with roots that extend above and below the water
  4. Widespread cutting of forests.
  5. Type of environment where a particular animal species lives.

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  1. industrializationWidespread cutting of forests.


  2. wole soyinkafirst african to win the nobel prize in literature


  3. sierra leonebritish colony founded for former slaves


  4. zambiathis country is encouraging people to return to farming


  5. ecotouristsproduces 10% of the world's hydroelectric power