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  1. Assimilate
  2. Susceptible
  3. Pithy
  4. Pariah
  5. Inkling
  1. a slight suspicion; vague idea
  2. b profound, substantial; concise, succinct, to the point
  3. c an outcast
  4. d open or subject to; easily influenced or affected by
  5. e to absorb into a population; to take in a part and absorb into the whole

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  1. exhilarated, full or enthusiasm and high spirits
  2. huge creature
  3. to bother, upset, or disconcert
  4. having unlimited power
  5. an underlying base or foundation

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  1. Xenophobea revelation


  2. Ribaldto scold sharply


  3. Banterplayful conversation


  4. Veracityaccuracy, truth


  5. Acumenfaker; one who falsely claims to have a medical skill