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  1. what is the term for an integer of multiple minis
  2. in what region of the human is adult neurogenesis common
  3. a gliablast in the marginal level can possible become what
  4. which layer of the connective tissue of the pns type III collagen +
    ļ¬broblasts; function in regeneration
  5. in the case of jaw winking which cranial nerve is not functioning correctly
  1. a olfactory bulb
  2. b oligodendrocyte
  3. c endonerium
  4. d evoked synaptic response
  5. e cranial nerve 7

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  1. glial cells
  2. passive diffusion
  3. carrier mediated efflux
  4. retrograde
  5. pns

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  1. what is the name of the specialized glial cells that neurons migrate onradial glial cells


  2. what does the cns use instead of a growth cone in its regeneration processbulbous axonal


  3. to completely avoid the bbb where can an injection take placemantle layer


  4. which layer of the neural tube houses neuroblast and gliablastastorcyte


  5. which transport mechanism across the bbb is responsible for the movement of charged proteinspassive diffusion