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  1. what is the demyelination disease marked by slow movement, off timing and bad coordination
  2. what is a bare gap on an axon with no myelin
  3. why is a glial cell more likely than a neuron to make a brain tumor
  4. a paralysis of the tongue indicates problems with which cranial nerve
  5. when the dentist injects anesthia where does this happen and on which cranial nerve
  1. a they divide at birth
  2. b multiple sclerosis
  3. c node of ranvier
  4. d cranial nerve 12
  5. e mandibular region of cranial nerve 5

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  1. great cerebral vein of galen
  2. lateral hypothalamic zone
  3. epiblast
  4. 2nd trimester
  5. fast

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  1. what is the space between the presynaptic and post synaptic elementmesencephalon


  2. in sensory cells peripheral processes grow into whatviscera


  3. which section of the hypothalamus has well defined nucleus and also chiasmatic and tuberal regionsmedial hypothlamaic zone


  4. how does csf leave the fourth ventriclecerebellum


  5. a membrane that only allows certain items through is known to be selectively permeable; this permeability is created by the presence of whation channels