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  1. axial skeleton
  2. hairline fracture
  3. Cerebral palsy
  4. brain stem
  5. gluteus maximus
  1. a butt muscle
  2. b 80 bones of the skull, spine, ribs, vertebrae, ad sternum
  3. c a group of nonprogressive neurological disorders that are the result of damage to the brain before, during or just after birth or in early childhood.
  4. d incomplete; two parts of the bone do not separate
  5. e a three inch stalk of nerve cells and fibers that connects the spinal cord to the rest of the brain

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  1. results from a sharp blow or the twisting of a joint
  2. an injury to the lower part of the spinal cord resulting in loss of use in legs
  3. upper back muscles
  4. femur and humerus
  5. type of striated muscle that forms the wall of the heart

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  1. Parkinson's diseasethe destruction of nerve cells in an area of the brain that helps coordinate skeletal muscles movement. Results in muscle tremors.


  2. irregular bonesscapula and shoulder blade


  3. osteoporosisa condition in which progressive loss of bone tissue occurs


  4. spinal corda long column of nerve tissue about the thickness of your index finger, extending about 18 inches down your backe


  5. gastracnemiusupper back muscles