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  1. binary fission
  2. fluorescence
  3. phase contrast
  4. strict aerobe
  5. agar
  1. a a type of light microscope that transforms subtle changes in light waves passing through the specimen into differences in light intensity, best for observing intracellular structures.
  2. b can only survive in aerobic conditions
  3. c a form of asexual reproduction in single-celled organisms by which one cell divides into two cells of the same size
  4. d solid media used for growing bacteria, fungi, plant, or other cells
  5. e ability to glow under ultraviolet light

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  1. Spontaneous generation is a theory that claims living organisms derive from non living or decomposing matter. In order to test this theory you must go through the scientific method to test it. First have your hypothesis then conduct the experiment, record your results, and finally have a conclusion or proof of your theory.
  2. process that does not require oxygen
  3. the use of chemical agents to treat or control disease (or mental illness)
  4. The published source for bacterial classification
  5. Baceterium, Fungus, Algae, Virus, Protozoan, Helminth

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  1. asepsisOrganisms that break down the dead remains of other organisms


  2. virologythe study of viruses and viral diseases


  3. Salkvaccine for polio


  4. halophileOrganism that prefers moderate temperatures (20-45C); we are the perfect temp for these organisms


  5. Describe selective, differential, and enrichment mediaEnrichment media- is used to jump start bacteria growth;Selective - only enables one bacteria to grow; Differential- allows bacteria to show different reactions