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  1. TB
  2. Streptomycin
  3. HIV symptoms
  4. CD4 receptor
  5. M. tuberculosis
  1. a mycolic acid limits antibiotic penetration
  2. b similar to influenza
  3. c resistant to disinfectants
    mycolic acid does not allow penetration
  4. d HIV receptor on T cells
  5. e TB

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  1. amount/ per disk
  2. 10 seconds
  3. 1 in 10,000 transcriptions
    transcription should be flawless
  4. 70 degrees C
  5. Most resistant to disinfection? Why?

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  1. Nitrate Reductase outcome #2NO3--->NO2--->other products (NH4, NO, N2, N2O)
    nitrate reductase positive


  2. Thermophilicthrives in heat, enzymes adapt in high temperature


  3. E. colicell wall synthesis inhibition (peptidioglycan)
    gram positive
    causes lysis by burst of cell membrance
    gram negative do not lyse


  4. Bleachmicrograms
    1x10 ^-6
    1 millionth of a gram


  5. Sporicidinphenols, denatures proteins and membranesq