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  1. invidious
  2. fatuous
  3. paucity
  4. raze
  5. accost
  1. a (n.) an inadequate quantity, scarcity, dearth
  2. b (adj.) offensive, hateful; tending to cause bitterness and resentment
  3. c (v.) to tear down, destroy completely; to cut or scrape off or out
  4. d (adj.) stupid or foolish in a self-satisfied way
  5. e (v.) to approach and speak to first; to confront in a challenging or aggressive way

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  1. Starting and stopping again
  2. (n) swiftness, rapidity of motion or action
  3. (v.) to imitate with the intent of equaling or surpassing the model
  4. (n.) improper or disrespectful treatment of something held sacred
  5. High praise to the deceased at funerals

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  1. garish(adj.) glaring; tastelessly showy or overdecorated in a vulgar or offensive way


  2. arrogate(v.) to claim or take without right


  3. PiquantSpicy foods


  4. reconnaissance(v.) to withdraw a statement or belief to which one has previously been committed, renounce, retract


  5. maelstrom(n.) a whirlpool of great size and violence; a situation resembling a whirlpool in violence and destruction