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  1. Expertise
  2. Stigma by Association
  3. Legitimization of Paltry Favors Technique
  4. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
  5. Jigsaw Classroom
  1. a A cooperative learning technique for reducing feelings of prejudice
  2. b Rejection of those who associate with stigmatized others
  3. c A prediction that ensures the behavior it generates will come true. people would come to act like the stereotypes of other hold of them. have a baby face act innocent
  4. d How much a source knows
  5. e request that indicates any amount of help/aid is acceptable

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  1. Proposition that adolescents and young adults are more easily persuaded than their elders
  2. Start with a low-cost request that is likely to result in a "yes," and than later revealing hidden true costs
  3. Draws people in with an attractive offer that is unavailable and then switched them to a less attractive offer that is available
  4. Going along with the crowd to be liked and accepted
  5. Whether a source will honestly tell you what he or she knows

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  1. PersuasionAn attempt to change a persons attitude


  2. Self-CensorshipBeing obvious or not standing out


  3. Personal RelevanceDegree to which people expect an issue to have significant consequences for their own lives


  4. SaliencePrejudiced attitudes toward a particular race


  5. HomophobiaWhether you "get" (pay attention to, understand) the message