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  1. Cajole
  2. Quixotic
  3. Expound
  4. Serendipity
  5. Conflagration
  1. a habit of making fortunate discoveries by chance
  2. b overly idealistic, impractical
  3. c to flatter, coax, persuade
  4. d big, destructive fire
  5. e to elaborate

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  1. humorous misuse of a word
  2. intensely passionate; passionate
  3. being everywhere simultaneously
  4. associate or coworker of similar status
  5. to impress something upon the mind of another by repetition

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  1. Xenophobeto slur or blacked someone's reputation


  2. Shacklea band around arm or leg to prevent free movement; anything restricting freedom


  3. Surmisegloomy, sullen, or surly


  4. Irksomeannoying, tedious


  5. Veracitytasteless, dull