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  1. demeanor
  2. debacle
  3. fecund
  4. ignoble
  5. ebullient
  1. a enthusiastic
  2. b dishonorable, shameful, despicable, base
  3. c a complete failure, total collapse
  4. d fertile, productive, prolific
  5. e syn: deportment

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  1. to confuse, bewilder, muddle, obscure
  2. pursuit of pleasure
  3. coarsely abusive; vulgar
  4. worn out, barren, exhausted, spent and sterile
  5. wise; having keen perception and sound judgment

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  1. shardopen-mouthed; surprised; agog


  2. baroquesyn: ornate
    ant: simple


  3. obloquysyn: censure, rebuke
    ant: acclaim, praise


  4. importuneto ask persistently, beg, appeal, badger


  5. bona fideto remove offensive passages of a play, novel, etc.