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  1. Marx
  2. Erasmus
  3. Future Indicative Active
  4. Aquinas
  5. help, aid
  1. a Christianized Aristotle.
  2. b auxilium, auxiliī
  3. c Practical philosophy - socialism.
  4. d amābō
    (ābis, ābit)
  5. e To reform the church from the inside.

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  1. Federalists - support the Constitution, Anti-Feds - oppose the Constitution.
  2. Founded science of logic, categorized nature.
  3. quī, quae, quod
    (relative pronouns)
  4. Complex ideas.
  5. It created big government, welfare, and Social Security, and signified a shift in the government's role - from protecting to providing for Americans.

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  1. learn, find outcognōscō,
    (cognōscere, cognōvī, cognitus, 3rd)


  2. What is yellow press/journalism?@ the Monroe Doctrine - staying out of foreign affairs.


  3. Give at least 2 results from the Louisiana Purchase.Presidential, Radical, and Redemption.


  4. amPractical philosophy - socialism.


  5. Article 3Ratification of the Constitution