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  1. Lake Volta
  2. Endangered Species
  3. savannas
  4. Lake Victoria
  5. Lake Malawi
  1. a Holds about 500 different fish species.
  2. b A source for the Nile River. (Is a lake)
  3. c One of the largest man-made lakes in the world. Located in Ghana.
  4. d A plant or animal that is threatened with extinction.
  5. e large grasslands of africa

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  1. a symbol that the union of 2 people is legitimate
  2. the year the slave trade was abolished
  3. Small part of a country that is separated from the main part.
  4. most industrialized country in africa
    known for its gold and diamonds
    first free election was in 1994
  5. First black president of South Africa.

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  1. great rift valleythe newest country (nation) in africa


  2. 1600-1900europe's main intrest in africa at this time was obtaining slaves


  3. sudanlargest country in size in africa


  4. EnclaveCountry completely surrounded by another country.


  5. sierra leonebritish colony founded for former slaves