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  1. ninety five theses
  2. King David
  3. islam pilgrimage
  4. ten plagues
  5. seven heavens
  1. a during his tradtional visionary "night journy" muhamed was escorted by the angel Gabriel through the gates of seven heavens, where he met Allah, who made daily daily prayers obligatory for muslims
  2. b god sent ________ to punish egypt until pharaoh released the Hebrew slaves. water turned to blood, fish died, water foul.
  3. c the lists of topics for debate about roman catholic docrtrine that martin muther nailed to the cathedral door in wittenberg, germany in 1517. beginning of protestant reformation
  4. d the most powerful king of biblical Israel david established the capital in Jerusalem and rules frm 1010-970 BCE. In tradtion as a boy he defeated the giant philistine goliath. He became a warlord fighting the philistines. when king , ex expanded israelite terriotory and married bathsheba, their second son was Solomon. many psalms are attributed to david
  5. e pilgrimage to Hajj, mecca during month Dhul-hija. one of 5 basic duties of muslim.

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  1. go forrth, the central roman catholic ritual always including eucharist, of celebnration adn worship of God, including song, prayer and scripture reading
  2. the modern interpretation of the christian Bible using modern hisotirial, achaeological and literary tools to analyze how the Bible came into being. it began in Germany in the 19th cen. showing many biblical texts to be edited compliations and even contradictory. this provoked a stormy reaction among fundamentalists and orthodox who wanted to retain a literal interpretation
  3. gateway of the Guru- a building for Sikh worship, always contaiing AdiGranth, the first volume of Sikh scriptures. believers remove shoes, bow before the Adi granth shrine and hear teachings. Vegetarian foods and rooms are provided for wayfarers.
  4. the story in the gospels of jesus at a mountaintop with disciples, taking ona glorioius light filled appearance alongside mosees and elijah
  5. what happend to the Jewish temples?

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  1. Hebrewsancient name for the semitic people of israel tradtionally descended from Abraham. found earlierist in texts about them in egypt, another name for JEW


  2. Abrahamoldest patrirach of jewish, christian, and muslim faiths, who, according to tradition, lived about 2100- 1400 BC, and migrated from lower Mesopotamian city of Ur to Canaan


  3. jehovaha name for God in Jewish and Christian tradition


  4. apotheosis"gods" one of the names for the divine in Hebrew scriptures


  5. koranqu ran scared text of islam written in Arabic in 650 CE