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  1. weather balloon
  2. shearing
  3. energy
  4. continental crust
  5. watershed
  1. a stress that pushes a mass of rock in opposie directions
  2. b the area of land in which runoff drains into a river (underground and above)
  3. c the ability to do work or to make changes
  4. d one type of crust on the earth's surface, thicker than others
  5. e measures weather conditions higher in the atmosphere

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  1. organic fuels that contain the stored radiant energy of the sun converted to chemical energy by plants or animals that lived milllions of years ago
  2. a form of galaxy with a spiral shape
  3. front where cold and warm air meet and water vapor condenses into rain, snow, fog, or clouds
  4. movement and filtering of water through porous materials
  5. an orbital motion which is really bakwards relative to normal orbital motions

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  1. convergentthe plates push together, forming mountains


  2. inertiathe law that states that an object at rest will remain at rest until an outside force acts upon it, or an object in motion will remain in motion until an outside force acts upon it


  3. gaseousfull of or containing gas; existing as a gas


  4. seismic wavesan instument for automattically detecting and recording the intensity, direction, and duration of a movement of the ground, especially in an earthquake


  5. accumulationprocess of growing into a large amount (water that puddles up, lakes, rivers, oceans)