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  1. parathyroid hormone also known as?
  2. pituitary gland also named?
  3. androgen is also named?
  4. adrenal medulla is controlled by this stimulus
  5. endo=
  1. a Autonomic nervous system
  2. b parathormone
  3. c testosterone
  4. d hypophysis
  5. e within

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  1. OT
  2. PTH
  3. glucocorticoids, mineralocorticoids, sex hormones
  4. lack of insulin, results from an INCREASE in blood glucose, hunger, thirst, and urination
  5. kidneys

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  1. eu/thyroidproduces thymosin; part of immune system


  2. adrenal cortex stimulus is?ACTH


  3. hypo/thyroid/isminsufficient levels of T4, T3


  4. gonadotropic hormonesestrogens or estradiol, or estrone, and progesterone


  5. anti diuretic hormone(vasopressin) functionADH