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  1. shelter
  2. secondhand
  3. somber
  4. secure
  5. scrape
  1. a adj. very solemn or serious
  2. b adj. used by someone else before
  3. c n. a place giving protection from bad weather or danger; provide with shelter
  4. d v. to rub against a rough or hard surface; n. a difficult situation or a fight
  5. e adj. certain to remain safe; v. to protect against danger or threat

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  1. adj. occurring or done at the same time
  2. v. to ask for or try to obtain something from someone
  3. adj. feeling or showing sorrow
  4. v. to try to find or obtain
  5. v. to seize quickly in a rude or eager way

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  1. shallowadj. having a short distance between the top and the bottom


  2. scoutn. a pleasant smell


  3. soakv. to make very wet


  4. scramblev. to move or make one's way quickly and awkwardly, using one's hands as well as one's feet; n. act of scrambling


  5. seizev. to take hold of something suddenly and forcibly