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  1. what is the name of the error in recovery of the pns where the patient is winking and chewing at the same time
  2. what is the parameter used to describe how far changes in membrane potential can passively spread down a cable like an axon/dendrite
  3. which transport mechanism across the bbb involves active endocytosis and transport of a molecule after it has nonspecifically bound to the membrane surface due to electrostatic forces
  4. what is the principle that explains the adaptation of neurons firing in the brain " neurons that fire together wire together"
  5. which transport mechanism across the bbb moves hormones, growth factor, enzymes
  1. a jaw winking
  2. b receptor mediated
  3. c adsorptive mediated transcytosis
  4. d hebbian rule
  5. e lenght constant

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  1. HIV, Rabies
  2. endotelial cells
  3. transport mediated
  4. posterior pituary
  5. post synaptic

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  1. which type of cell in the bbb provides support of other cell typespericyte


  2. what is the term for the growth of an axon to reach its targetpathfinding


  3. the following is a description of which type of effects (specific/nonspecific): loss of pain, paralysis of musclesEPSP


  4. carrier mediated efflux out of the brain utilizes what to perform its functionPGP


  5. which type of system (sensory/motor) are known to have ascending hierarchiesendothelial cells