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  1. in what body part of the song bird is adult neurogenesis common
  2. which cells of the bbb are known to lack pinocytotic vesicles
  3. which transport mechanism across the bbb moves glucose, amino acids, peptides
  4. is there a high or low action potential threshold at the spike initiation zone
  5. what is known to prevent substances that easily enter peripheral tissues from entering the brain
  1. a blood brain barrier
  2. b song box
  3. c transport mediated
  4. d low
  5. e endothelial cells

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  1. doublecortin
  2. GPCR
  3. receptor mediated
  4. unidirectional
  5. active conductances

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  1. which layer of the connective tissue of the pns is made of type I collagen + ļ¬broblasts;
    protection and anchoring


  2. which circumventricular organ secretes melatonin and monitors circadian rhytmspineal gland


  3. which neurotrophic factor binds to Trk Bafferent/sensory


  4. what is the term for the finer delineation of neurons to specific charactersdifferentation


  5. which type of transport (anterograde/retrograde) is used in the recovery process of pnsretrograde