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  1. in the recovery of damaged pns what type growth factors like what are produced
  2. which transport mechanism across the bbb is responsible for the movement of charged proteins
  3. in apoptosis in the cns release of cytochrome c will lead to the release of what
  4. upon injury what do glial cells do that actually prevents regerneation
  5. presynaptic modulation by GPCR on which type of channel will slow the falling phase of the action potential widening the action potential
  1. a potassium
  2. b caspases
  3. c protein 43, trk, p75
  4. d adsorptive mediated transcytosis
  5. e scarring

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  1. trojan horse
  2. cranial nerve 7
  3. multipolar neuroblast
  4. lenght constant
  5. adsorptive mediated transcytosis

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  1. what is the term for the removal of dead tissue and debrisphagocytosied


  2. in the recovery of the pns schwann cells will proliferate and produce whatcell adhesion molecules and


  3. who is known to have conducted the experiment that found there is a permeable barrier between brain and csf and an impermeable barrier between blood and csfendothelial cells


  4. what is defined as the time it takes for the membrane potential to arrive at 63% of its final peak value or decay 37% of its peakphagocytosied


  5. what type of effects (specific/nonspecific) are produced by single source divergent circuitslayer 6