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  1. Ethics
  2. Sales
  3. Job bidding
  4. Copyright Act
  5. Constructive discharge
  1. a Occurs when an employer makes working conditions so intolerable that an employee has no choice but to resign.
  2. b System of moral principles and values that establish appropriate conduct.
  3. c Business function responsible for selling an organization's product to the marketplace.
  4. d Act that defines the right or privilege of an author or proprietor to exclude others from printing or otherwise duplicating, distributing, or vending copies of his or her literary, artistic, and other creative expressions.
  5. e Internal recruiting method that allows employees to indicate an interest in a position before one becomes available.

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  1. Leadership style that offers the promise of reward or the threat of discipline to motivate employees.
  2. Uses data already gathered by others and reported in various sources.
  3. Procedural document designed to assist employers in complying with federal regulations prohibiting discrimination.
  4. Act that prohibits discrimination on the basis of pregnancy, childbirth, or related conditions.
  5. Estimate of the total value of goods and services produced in a country in a given year.

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  1. Targeted interviewType of interview in which interviewer asks each applicant questions that are from the same knowledge, skill, or ability area; also called patterned interview.


  2. PercentileSpecific point in a distribution of data that has a given percentage of cases below it.


  3. Consumer Credit Portection ActAct that protects privacy of background information and ensures that information supplied is accurate.


  4. RepatriationReintegrating employees into their home-country operations following an international assingment.


  5. Process-flow analysisAnalysis that shows point in time at which total revenue associated with a program is equal to the total cost of the program.