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  1. irrevocable
  2. scourge
  3. gossamer
  4. unwieldy
  5. contrive
  1. a irreversible, unrecallable, unalterable
  2. b to plan with ingenuity, invent; think up, devise, concoct, fabricate
  3. c cumbersome, bulky, clumsy, impractical; not easily carried, handled or managed because of size or complexity
  4. d flog, beat, bane, plague, pestilence; to whip, punish severely, to cause affliction or suffering
  5. e filmy, diaphanous

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  1. impenetrable, incomprehensible, enigmatic
  2. abnormal; exceptional, atypical, unusual, aberrant
  3. rumble, thunder, boom, echo
  4. to coax, to deceive with soothing thoughts or false promises; wheedle, inveigle, soft-soap, sweet-talk
  5. principle, maxim; a rule of conduct or action

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  1. immutableimpenetrable, incomprehensible, enigmatic


  2. demagogueto free from deception or error; undeceive, enlighten, set straight


  3. filchpilfer, purloin, swipe; to steal, especially in a sneaky way and in petty amounts


  4. infergather, deduce, presume, guess, speculate


  5. amnestyinferior, cheesy, tawdry, tatty