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  1. Social Loafing
  2. Realistic Conflict Theory
  3. Pique Technique
  4. Peripheral Route (Heuristic Processing)
  5. Impressionable Years Hypothesis
  1. a Proposition that adolescents and young adults are more easily persuaded than their elders
  2. b Captures peoples attention by making a novel request, Presents the message in an unusual fashion
  3. c The idea that competition over scarce resources leads to intergroup hostility and conflict
  4. d "free rider problem" the finding that people reduce effort when working in a group compared to when working alone
  5. e The route to persuasion that involves some simple cue such as attractiveness of the source (automatic processing)

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  1. Being obvious or not standing out
  2. Rejection of those who associate with stigmatized others
  3. A prediction that ensures by the behavior it generates that it will not come true. have a baby face act aggressive more likely to steal.
  4. Going along with the crowd because you believe that they know more than you do
  5. Start with an inflated request and then retreat to a smaller request that appears to be a concession

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  1. Ingroup FavoritismPreferential treatment of or more favorable attitudes toward people in ones own group


  2. Aversive RacismPrejudiced attitudes toward a particular race


  3. Autokinetic EffectIllusion, caused by very slight movements of the eye, that a stationary point in a dark room is moving


  4. HomophobiaExcessive fear of homosexuals or homosexual behavior


  5. Private AcceptanceGenuine inner belief that others are right