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  1. Bubonic Plague
  2. Infidel
  3. vernacular
  4. Henry II
  5. Spanish Inquisition
  1. a one-third of the population of Europe died of this.
  2. b a non Christian
  3. c Married Eleanor of Aquitaine from France to add to the holdings in Normandy and England.
  4. d established in 1481 by Ferdinand and Isabela.
  5. e the everyday language of people in a region or country.

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  1. Issued a bull that allowed the use of torture to get a confession
  2. the only real sources about the life and teachings of Jesus
  3. Constantine moved the capital of the Roman Empire here.
  4. The Roman short sword
  5. planned a surprise attack on the Crusaders with his 50,000 soldiers

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  1. Antiochthe great Carthaginian leader


  2. Great Schismthe split in the Church when you had a pope in Avignon and one in Rome.


  3. Clement Vthe leader of the Greek Orthodox Church that asked Urban II for help.


  4. rackthe earliest written Gospel


  5. Magna Cartawhat was the first enemy city confronted by the Crusaders