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  1. parliament
  2. Jerusalem
  3. Spanish Inquisition
  4. Gladius
  5. burgher
  1. a a medieval merchant-class town dweller.
  2. b a body of representatives that makes laws for a nation.
  3. c established in 1481 by Ferdinand and Isabela.
  4. d The Roman short sword
  5. e The Crusades were fought to recapture this important city.

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  1. Rome's ablest emperor
  2. what was the first enemy city confronted by the Crusaders
  3. Jews were subject to these violent attacks
  4. Tried to recapture Jerusalem 1212 . Almost all were killed or enslaved.
  5. argued that the most basic religious truths could be proved by logical argument.

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  1. ConstantinopleToday known as Istanbul


  2. Scutumthe Roman Shield


  3. Consulthe group that exercised great influence over both foreign and domestic policy


  4. Great Schismthe split in the Church when you had a pope in Avignon and one in Rome.


  5. Sullathe General that when told to hand over his Army attacked Rome.