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  1. sojourn
  2. delete
  3. alienate
  4. gape
  5. culinary
  1. a to stare with open mouth; to open the mouth wide; to open wide
  2. b a temporary stay; to stay for a time
  3. c to erase, wipe out, cut out
  4. d of or related to cooking or the kitchen
  5. e to turn away; to make indifferent or hostile; to transfer, convey

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  1. possible, able to be done
  2. a hint, indirect suggestion
  3. danger
  4. to say again, repeat
  5. to make larger, increase

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  1. precedentstormy, harsh; severe in attitude or action


  2. duplicityto position or arrange; to utilize; to form up


  3. holocausta large-scale destruction, especially by fire; a vast slaughter; a burnt offering


  4. perpetuateto say again, repeat


  5. belligerentdeprived of; made unhappy through a loss