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  1. in the tuberal middle region of the medial hypothalmic zone what controls feeding and memory
  2. which portion of the dorsal thalmus gets its input from prefrontal cortex and limbic system
  3. which type of matter is on the outside of diencephalon/telecnephalon
  4. what is the outtermost meninges layer
  5. how many cervical vertebrae are there
  1. a medial thalamic nuclei
  2. b mammillary nucleus
  3. c 7
  4. d dura mater
  5. e grey matter

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  1. dendrites
  2. efferent
  3. brainstem
  4. anterior communicating artery
  5. basilar artery

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  1. within the soma what contains genetic materialdura mater


  2. what are circuits in the brain with a common functionsystems


  3. what primary vesicle is the forebrain and produces secondary brain vesicles telen/diencephaloninternal cerebral vein, great cerebral vein of galen


  4. which cranial nerve controls the carotid bodycranial nerve 11


  5. what is the name of the defect where some vertrba are missing and their are additoinal hairs presentspina bifida occulta