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  1. in the cerebral cortex what controls emotions and feelings and is considered a part of the limbic system
  2. in which trimester is the cns formed
  3. occlusion of blood flow can possibly cause what
  4. which cavity of the embryo is the origin of blood cells and provides nutrients
  5. which portion of the dorsal thalmus gets its input from prefrontal cortex and limbic system
  1. a medial thalamic nuclei
  2. b ischemia
  3. c yolk sac
  4. d insular cortex
  5. e 1st trimester

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  1. meninges
  2. relative refractory period
  3. tubulin
  4. anterior communicating artery
  5. no change

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  1. which parasympathetic preganglionic nuclei is associated with the pons and pterygopalatine/submandibular ganglionsuperior salvitory nucleus


  2. what is present in the axoplasm that makes the axon a good conductordendrites


  3. what is the name of the arteries that supply extra blood directly to the spinal arteriesmedullary arteries


  4. the following is a description of which subdivision of the ventricular system: a roughly pyramid-shaped space. Dorsally, this ventricle extends
    into the cerebellum, and caudally it forms a narrow channel which more caudally
    continues into the cerebral spinal cord and forms the central canal.
    lateral ventricle


  5. what is known to outgrow the spinal cordvertebral column