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  1. which branch of the basilar artery supply
    occipital lobe and medial surface of
    temporal lobe, midbrain and thalamus
  2. what is the only form of sympathetic ganglia (para/pre/supra) that will terminate at the sam level, ascend, descend
  3. which part of the cns is responsible for non conscious motor control
  4. what is being described when an axon exits and ends up lateral or parallel to vertebral column forming sympathetic chain/trunk
  5. how many minutes of loss of blood to the brain will result in brain damage
  1. a paravertebral ganglia
  2. b paravertebral
  3. c posterior cerebral artery
  4. d cerebellum
  5. e 3-5 minutes

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  1. hypoblast
  2. sodium
  3. brainstem
  4. anencephaly
  5. temporal lobe

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  1. which component of the autonomic system is rest or digestenteric nervous system


  2. what is the term for a smaller bundle of axons within funiculusgastrulation


  3. which cranial nerve is at the cervical levelcranial nerve 11


  4. the union of two vertebral arteries will form whatintermediate


  5. blood supply to the anterior 2/3 of the spinal cord is provided by whatneuropores