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  1. AIDS
  2. afrikaans
  3. nile river
  4. 1808
  5. sugar and tobacco
  1. a largest river system in africa south of the sahara
  2. b name of european south africans and their language
  3. c the year the slave trade was abolished
  4. d 33% of zimbabwe's adult population has this disease
  5. e these crops increased the demand for slaves in the new world

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  1. A source for the Nile river. (Not a lake)
  2. a bite from an infected ____________ can cause sleeping sickness
  3. Country completely surrounded by another country.
  4. people who travel to another country to view its natural wonders
  5. An enclave in South Africa.

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  1. Lake Malawithe most densely populated country in africa


  2. 1600-1900the year the slave trade was abolished


  3. Cape of Good HopeSouthern tip of the continent Africa.


  4. zambezi riverthe river that flows over victoria falls


  5. Endangered SpeciesA plant or animal that is threatened with extinction.