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  1. Sensitive
  2. Antibiotic
  3. Catalase principle
  4. AIDS
  5. Chalmydia/rickettsias
  1. a < 200 T-cell/ uL
  2. b chemical that treats mucrobial infection, medication
  3. c most bacteria produce hydrogen peroxide, which is toxic to microbial cells. If the bacteria produces the enzyme catalase, which breaks down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen gas
  4. d intercellular bacteria, acts as a virus
  5. e microbial growth is greatly inhibited by the antibiotic
    llarge clear ring around the antibiotic disc

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  1. halts prolieferation
  2. indicates no nitrate (NO2) present
    add zinc powder
  3. amount/ per disk
  4. microbial growth is not inhibited by the antibiotic
    little or no ring around the antibiotic disc
  5. artificial electron donor is used to reduce cytochrome C
    colorless in reduced state
    purple/blue when oxidized

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  1. Catalase procedureplace H202 on a colony


  2. Glycoproteinmycolic wax prevents absoprtion of antibiotics


  3. StreptomycinTB


  4. Buddingeveloped release


  5. Lack of colordenature proteins, cell membrane