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  1. Lack of color
  2. PBS
  3. Disruption of plasma membrane
  4. Glycoprotein
  5. Lipid bilayer
  1. a oxidase negative
  2. b envelope from budding
  3. c phosphate buffered saline
    remove excess unbound antigen
  4. d spikes
    attach to host cell
  5. e polymixin

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  1. analytical profile index
    20 biochemical tests
    E- enterobacteriaceae
  2. an electron carrier in the electron transport chain
  3. TB
  4. oxidizing, denatures proteins
  5. amount of substace that produceds a specific effect (gets rid of infection)

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  1. Mutation rate1 in 10,000 transcriptions
    transcription should be flawless


  2. Catalase Test Purposeplace H202 on a colony


  3. Broad spectrumonly certain types
    ex. Penicillin


  4. Thermophilicbroad spectrum
    protein synthesis inhibition


  5. Viricidalinactivates viruses