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  1. hunger
  2. instinct
  3. cardiovascular activity
  4. rewards are
  5. ocular activity
  1. a any offering from one person given to another in exchange for his or her service or achievement
  2. b contraction and relaxation of the heart and blood vessels ( attractive incentives, difficult/challenging tasks)
  3. c ___________ and eating involve a complex regulatory system of both short term and long term regulation
  4. d is motivation focusing on the mechanistic by explaining unlearned behaviour that has energy and purpose
  5. e eye behaviour- pupil size (extent of mental activity), eye (changing cognitive states), and eye movements (reflective thought)

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  1. _________ theory proved to be overly limited in scope and with its rejection came dissillusionment with grand theories
  2. withdraw motivational and emotional tendencies
  3. a desire to perform a behavior due to promised rewards or threats of punishment
  4. is the second grand theory
  5. is the all encompassing theory that seeks to explain the full range of motivated action

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  1. biochemical agentghrelin (a hormone produced and circulated in the blood stream)


  2. fMRIit assesses brain function by sampling blood flow over time and produces "movies" of participants brain activity while they perform certain tasks


  3. incentive, arousal, discrepancyis the fourth grand theory


  4. hypothalamuspleasureable feelings associated with feeding, drinking, mating


  5. willis the theory that behaviour is motivated to the extent that it served the needs of the organism and restored a biological homeostasis