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  1. Christmas
  2. jehovah
  3. Nazareth
  4. crucifixion
  5. eschatology
  1. a a name for God in Jewish and Christian tradition
  2. b december 25 clebrating the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethelehem, just south of Jerusalem
  3. c the town in northern Israel near the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus' parents orginated. they went from there south to bethelhem.
  4. d being hung to die on a cross. an ancient roman means of execution for criminals, also used for Jesus
  5. e beliefs concerning the endings or "last things" death, heaven, hell judgement, resurrection, end of the known world

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  1. a mountain range in the Negeve desert out of israel
  2. abrahams wife, who traveled with him to canaan. promised many progeny by God, sarah could not bear childdren so she gave her egyptian maid Hagar to abe who bore him ishmael., sarah finally gave biorth to issac
  3. major protestant reformation teaching of John calvin of Geneva, emphasizes Gods calling believers to slvation rather than human choice, or divine predestiantion
  4. islam leader supposed to be descendants of Muhammed
  5. the four Hindu stages of life, student, householder, hermit, and homeless wanderer

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  1. whirling dervisha type of muslim sufi, the mevlevi order of mystics who dance in a circular whirl to achive an ecstatic trance and experience allah


  2. midianpre islamic spirits, friednly or hostile, absorbed into Islam


  3. muhammedjewish collection of ancient rabbinic oral tradtion collected as mishnah and gemara


  4. canaanthe ancient region along the seacoast in what is now Isreal. its culture and god Baal were opposed by biblical Hebrew leaders


  5. allahMuslim name for the one and only God