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  1. sunni
  2. whirling dervish
  3. jerusalem
  4. gurdwara
  5. lot
  1. a gateway of the Guru- a building for Sikh worship, always contaiing AdiGranth, the first volume of Sikh scriptures. believers remove shoes, bow before the Adi granth shrine and hear teachings. Vegetarian foods and rooms are provided for wayfarers.
  2. b islam leaders chosen by consensus of community
  3. c son of abrahams brother Haran, who traveled with him. he later lived in the corrupt city of Sodom, where his family was threatened. Escaping sodom as God destroyed it, Lot and his wife were told not to look back, but she did and was turned into a pillar of salt
  4. d a type of muslim sufi, the mevlevi order of mystics who dance in a circular whirl to achive an ecstatic trance and experience allah
  5. e capital city of israel founded by King David about 1000 BCE

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  1. a burial vault, often made of stone
  2. an important ancient city and caravan stop in nw mesopotamia in tradition, abrahams father settled there with his family and later abraham left there to go west to canaan
  3. witness-one who dies for a faith or a cause
  4. scred text of islam
  5. oldest patrirach of jewish, christian, and muslim faiths, who, according to tradition, lived about 2100- 1400 BC, and migrated from lower Mesopotamian city of Ur to Canaan

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  1. guru nanakjewish holy scriptures, including torah, prophets and writings


  2. sephardimjews who migrated from spain in 1492


  3. apocalypse"revelation" a symbolic type of lit. common in Judaism, Zorastrainism, and chirstianity that foretells a dramatic end of the world, a judgmenet by God, rewards for believers and punishment for the wicked.


  4. red seaa long ocean spearating arabia from africa. Pharaoh pursued the hebrews to the red sea where god separated waters like a wall on each side so they could pass on dry land. then waters rushed back drowing the egyptians. shows the power of god to overcome injustice.


  5. minbarquorum of ten adult jewish males required for communal worship