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  1. Lever
  2. Troposphere
  3. earthquake
  4. Global Winds
  5. magma
  1. a a rigid bar that is free to move around a fixed point
  2. b a mixture of molten rock and gases which flows underground
  3. c the lowest layer of Earth's atmosphere
  4. d a movement of the Earth's lithosphere that occur when the rocks suddenly shift
  5. e winds that blow over long distances from a specific direction

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  1. when two air masses meet and form a boundary, but neither is moving
  2. energy of motion
  3. the force that is exerted by a machine
  4. when gases radiate some of this absorbed energy back to Earth's surface
  5. a small, steep-sided volcano that is a result of an eruption of ash and cinders

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  1. law of conservation of momentumenergy cannot be created or destroyed


  2. Powerthe characteristic color of a mineral


  3. volcanic necksedimentary rocks that form from the broken fragments of other rocks


  4. Efficiencya deep depression in the ocean floor


  5. rainliquid precipitation