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  1. renewable resources
  2. Screw
  3. net force
  4. cyclone
  5. alluvial fan
  1. a a weather system with a center of low air pressure
  2. b resources that can be replaced in a relatively short period of time
  3. c as a stream flows out of the mountains it slows down and a fan-shaped deposit of sediment on land is formed
  4. d an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder
  5. e the overall force acting on an object after all forces are combined

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  1. a mountain that forms when magma reaches the surface
  2. this is a mass of sediment deposited where a river enters a large body of water...roughly a triangular shape
  3. a force that squeezes rocks together, stretches or pulls them apart, or pushes them in different directions
  4. a small, intense windstorm that takes the form of a rotating column of air that touches the ground
  5. the SI unit of work

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  1. geothermal energyenergy associated with the motion and position of everyday objects


  2. gravitational forcea center-directed force that continuously changes the direction of an object to make it move in a circle


  3. sinkholeintrusive igneous rocks that cut across rock layers


  4. hurricanethe process that wears down and carries away rock & soil


  5. asthenospherea region of charged particles or ions located in the lower thermosphere & upper mesosphere