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  1. refraction
  2. global wind patterns
  3. albedo
  4. barometric pressure
  5. mechanical wave
  1. a bending of a ray of light
  2. b the reflective property of a non-luminous object
  3. c Pressure caused by the weight of the atmosphere. It decreases with increasing altitude.
  4. d Air circulation at surface creates wind patterns (Earth's shape and rotation causes variable latitudinal wind deflections.)
  5. e The wave with no transfer of matter - This wave requires a medium.

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  1. chemical substance, found mainly in liquid coolants, that damages the earth's protective ozone layer
  2. areas of gas on the sun's surface that are cooler than the gases around them
  3. measure of salt in water
  4. Amount of light a star actually gives off
  5. the change in the wavelength of light due to an object moving away from the observer.

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  1. carbon dioxidea chemical compound made from one atom of the element carbon and two atoms of the element oxygen.


  2. radiant energyenergy that travels in waves (includes solar energy, light energy)


  3. light yearthe distance light travels in one year


  4. blue shiftmass per unit volume


  5. Sun Protection Factorthe spinning of an object on its axis